the wooden footbridge

By: Dave Bonta

Mar 16 2008


Category: built environment, water


connecting the snowy streambanks
is already green

4 comments on “the wooden footbridge”

  1. startling haiku–i like it very much. the photo is beautiful, but seems a frightening crossing!

    • Thanks. It was kind of scary, both tilted and slippery, and the trail petered out on the other side.

  2. Really love this photo. It is a perfect illustration for the saying by Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav: “The whole world is nothing but a very narrow bridge. The main thing is to not to frighten ourselves unnecessarily” ie. to separate real fears from anxieties which are often self-produced. I see you give permission to reuse it with attribution which is very kind of you, however, how would I go about copying it so that I can post it on my blog? Thanking you in advance, Toby

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