1. It’s wonderful. It seems familiar. It had me at a glance, before I knew about the human. I like it a lot with my index finger over the human.

    1. I posted a version of it at my old photoblog, so perhaps you’re remembering it from two years ago.

      Since almost all my forest shots are devoid of people, I rather like the novelty of this one.

  2. Lovely! I laughed when I first saw it, as I had produced this similar but totally different picture recently.


  3. Thanks! I was out after the Geminids, got tired of waiting and turned the camera the other way, got lucky, which seems to be how it mostly works.
    Back to yours: it falls in that select category of photos that, after seeing them, I find myself carrying around with me. So again, thanks!
    Like the poem with it, too.

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