1. Thanks! Glad that works.
      Following on to your comment over at your own blog about wanting to post haiku or haiga right away, I do love that immediacy – reminds me of Rumi comparing his extemporaneous verses to manna, which in the Biblical story would go bad if it wasn’t eaten right away. Blogging changed my attitude about sharing rough drafts years ago, so what haiku composition has transformed about my process is letting me do so much in my head, as I walk along. I’ve always had a crap memory, in awe of poets from highly oral cultures like Greenlandic Inuit or Yemeni tribesmen, who can compose in their head poems longer and more complex than sonnets. For me, the haiku is about as much as I can manage, but it’s still very satisfying (and the phone with its Notes app is always in my pocket should I not trust my memory till I get home).

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