where the sun

don’t shine

I’m interested in exploring the use of colloquial language in haiku/senryu so there may be more to come in this vein. I’m also using Segoe Script for the first time, and I have to say I’m not terribly keen on it, despite its popularity with other makers of photo haiga.

This hollow snag was still a living tree, despite extensive porcupine damage, up until a storm topped it three years ago. (Chestnut oaks are so tough, winds rarely uproot them; bole snap like this is much more common.) I was bummed because an earlier photo of it was the basis for the lovely woodblock print that publisher Beth Adams made for the cover of my book Ice Mountain: An Elegy. Fortunately I have a framed copy to remember it by.

I love porcupines, but man, can they be destructive. There’s one currently ravaging what’s left of our hemlock trees near the bottom of the hollow. They den up in hollow trees, logs, rock shelters — sometimes even under the damn house.

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