spring sunset

Partly blue sky with dark clouds awash in orange-pink.

more of a comment
than a question

We have barred owls who often call at sunset (and at other random times throughout the day and night) so I started out thinking about that who and went from there. The result being itself a bit of a head-scratcher is, to my way of thinking, permissibly self-reflexive.

As it happens, while I was composing this, sitting on a bench near what we call the Far Field and thinking about barred owls, one of them let out a loud who from a hundred yards away. If I thought more readers would be familiar with the birders’ mnemonic for its full call, I might have gone with my penultimate draft:

spring sunset
who cooks
for you all


  1. They are not native here, but I love listening to the barred owls in our woods. In spring they sometimes wake my dog and I’ve heard some pretty wacky sounds out there. Who Cooks for You is mild, compared to mating calls. Wacky and beautiful.

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