Spring Rain

a linked-verse sequence

spring rain
the way the river banks
mirror each other

ambulance flashing
blood blood blood

green boulders
the hollow gives birth
to a small cloud

under my umbrella too
the smell of cow shit

hairy woodpecker
from trunk to trunk listening
for grubs

a small town of moss plants
brandishing fresh sporangia

big red oak
the rusty nails that saved it
from the saw

spring beginning all over
from the ruins of fall

white-tailed deer
in a sudden downpour
thudding hooves

fog from the river
mountain-climbing made easy

early gnats
dancing up and down
the urge to multiply

valley noise at my back
the sun comes out

humid sun
songbirds all excited
to harass a hawk

a scatter of white hairs
from a porcupine’s belly

rain coming
right past the property line
these pesky flies

pond dark as the sky
stippled with raindrops

hills and valleys
mirrored in the clouds
spring rain

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